e high-flying arm caught in the armpit out with Lets go Wait. Goofy was dragged her a few steps, suddenly hard to throw off her hand I want to tell him NCMA than Ye Wen Goofy Goofy one day will reduce the generosity of any of the people of Si Si Since they put forward, then I respectful as fatal Ye Wen dumbfounding Whats life From life NCMA Certification New snow Well, this is like a basketball tribal people His hands clasped, angrily staring highs, Qiba Pakistan Have a burst of crisp sound. Goofy was shocked. New snow Then Im welcome, I first ah. Fly nodded. Snow and ice to find an abandoned paint cans, - He sprayed the red paint on his palm, like blood. Ye Wen side looked fly, my heart whispered stupid Where are your opponents ah High-flying eyesight perseverance, lunges, left hand Qiaoxia, right arm held high, posing, like a morning exercise of the elderly. Ye Wen What are you doing Goofy explained Oh, I can not warm-up ah Ye NCMA Wen Do not look out the line, all look at you. She readily pull, fly lost center of gravity , Almost fell. The game is about to start, all four people are ne

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