he water. He carried the horse wetly and continued searching in the reeds by the river. Two days Certified Professional Contracts Manager later, the circus suddenly disappeared in the morning before we were able to get up. That is, this morning, Ma Shui-ching 70-year-old grandfather, walked to the campus with a walking stick, found us, called us aside and said Yesterday evening, a man riding a dark horse to Wuzhuang. At that time, autumn She was picked up by him. He pulled out five dyed gingko one red, one green, one yellow, one purple, one blue from his arms, Added She asked me to hand over these ginkgoes to your monitor. We will never see the autumn again. Autumn just in our lives NCMA Certification flash, as a rainbow after the rain, only in the air for a moment, it will disappear forever. However, she left an indelible trace in our memory. About that five colored ginkgo, our understanding Certified Professional Contracts Manager it exam is that Qiu left us five people I, Ma Shuiqing, Xie Baisan, Liu Hanlin, Yao San ship. To your monitor is just a very natural statement. But Xie Baisans understanding is that the five colored ginkgo are handed over to him. He received the five colored gingko and never got it out again. About a year later, Liu Hanlin in the Xie Baisan find the key bed, inadvertently shake out from his pillow a small cloth bag, and then shake that small cloth bag, shakin

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