Minmin. I do not know how CPEPS it exam long, this is the head fly high in Luo Minmins shoulder, Luo Minmins head crooked to the other side, both are asleep. Luo Minmin gradually opened her eyes and found that flying in the pillow on his shoulders sleep, she did not disturb him, think of what, from his pocket out of a plastic infusion set of piglets, pigs naive. Luo Minmin reluctantly looked at a pig, and then quietly into the fly pocket. She looked forward, identified for a long time, suddenly Teng stood up Master, parking parking Goofy head lost rely on, when Heavy hit the seat handle. Long-distance car parked on the roadside, Min Luo Minfei and fly hands and feet off the car. Goofy and some sleepy eyes Soon is it Luo Minmin scared in front You sleep more than 9 hours, of course, feel faster. Goofy keep up with her for so long They stood at a crossroads, fly Ill send you home. Luo Minmin No, just break up here, goodbye. Goofy Well, goodbye. He suddenly remembered something Hey Luo Minmin just turned around and heard the station, turned around. Goofy Thank you. Luo Minmin ah Goofy Thank you for doing everything for me. Luo CheckPoint Certification Minmin smiled and nodded gently. Goofy You have nothing to tell me Luo Minmin thought ah you come Goofy, slowly walked in front of her why Luo Minmin bit Lips, look twisted After no longer allowed me to ah. Finish CPEPS turned and left.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
156-701.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Secure Access(CPEPS-SA) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-706.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Full Disk Encryption(CPEPS-FDE) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-707.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Management Infrastructure(CPEPS-MI) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-708.70 Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Media Encryption(CPEPS-ME) CheckPoint CPEPS
156-715.70 Check Point Certified Endpoint Expert R70 (Combined SA, FDE, MI, ME) CheckPoint CPEPS