these reviews and introspection are mainly aimed at the disadvantages of higher education in Hong Kong, they have APC universal significance for all Chinese universities. An article that I am personally impressed with and persisted is Professor Ding Bangxin, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Where is Hong Kongs Higher APC Certification Education Going Hong Kong Ming Pao, Century Edition, February 14, 2000. It is an essay titled Anarchy of Hong Kongs Higher Education by an article entitled Professor Liu Soushang, former director of Philosophy Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. When unanimously pointing out the path of higher education in Hong Kong, the two gentlemen cited the opinion of Professor Du Zu-jing, former dean of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to sum up that Hong Kongs higher education is also the greatest danger to all Chinese universities. Professor said that in a western-based globalized world, Chinese APC universities will become vassal of others if they give up their academic autonomy If we sum up the views of the four Hong Kong higher educators, I think the core issue of the concept of Chinese universities is actually very clear. That is to say, the fundamental mission of Chinese universities is to study the excellent systems and achievements of Western universities on the on

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